History – International Music Competition Budapest

The tradition of Budapest International Music Competition was established in 1933. The winner of the very first piano competition was Annie Fischer. The event was revived in 1956 whenceforth it has been held annually, in several categories. Listing the award-winners in the history of Budapest International Music Competitions the following performers should be mentioned (without being exhaustive):

Lev Vlasenko, Laza Berman, Robert Benz, Francesco Finotti, Geoffrey Payne, Tabea Zimmermann, Mihály Bächer, László Mező, should be mentioned, Bartók String Quartet, László Polgár, Júlia Hamari, Gergely Bogányi, Barnabás Kelemen and Miklós Perényi and others.

Competition categories from 2011 to the present day are:

2011 –  Liszt Ferenc National Memorial Piano Competition

2012 –  Szigeti József Violin and Viola Competition

2013 –  International Flute Competition

2014 –  Pablo Casals Cello Competion

Hosted by the Philharmonia Hungary Non-profit Ltd.

Liszt Ferenc International Piano Competition will be held in September of 2016.

Prominent professors like Michel BEROFF, Péter FRANKL, Leslie HOWARD, Cyprien KATSARIS will take part in the work of the international jury, with Mr KUN Woo Paik presiding. Members are: Kálmán DRÁFI, János KOVÁCS, János MÁCSAI and Károly MOCSÁRI. Honorary President: György KURTÁG.

The competition program has been drawn up by the members of the jury in co-operation with Zoltán KOCSIS.

The event consists of four rounds: after a preliminary selection the quarterfinals take place from 3rd to 5th of September, following by the semifinals on 6th and 7th, and finals on 9th and 10th of September. In the finals the Symphony Orchestra of The Hungarian Radio and Television will perform, conducted by Gergely Kesselyák. The quaterfinals and semifinals takes place in the Solti Hall of the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy while the finals and gala concert will be held in the Great Hall. Further information is available on website of the Philharmonia Hungary: www.filharmonia.hu

Budapest International Music Competition is one of the founder members of the World Federation of the International Music Competitions; it has playing an important role in organising relevant international music events.

Mária Liszkay

General Secretary of the Competition